When it comes to bread, we have a very simple philosophy: use the best ingredients and let time do the rest. Our breads are made from the most elementary ingredients: flour, water, levain, salt and « savoir-faire.» Our loaves will then rise for close to a whole day before they are ready for your enjoyment! No matter how you like your bread (soft or crusty, white or whole wheat), we make them all so you can find one that tickles your tastebuds!


From the chocolate viennoise to the sugar brioche, from the almond croissant to the apple turnover, our pastries celebrate all the best classic viennoiserie recipes from France. Our dough is specially prepared to achieve a characteristic delicacy and fineness, and our baking process stays true to the French tradition. Whether you like your pastries crusty, creamy, soft or crispy, come indulge with us–the French way!

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Savor the summer with one of our crowd favorites: the Kouign-Amann! Invented in western France around 1860, this pastry takes its name from the words “Kouign,” meaning “cake” in the local dialect, and “Amman,” meaning butter. 
Kouign-Ammans are typically topped with caramelized sugar, but we offer them in a variety of exciting flavors!

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with apple, classic, raspberry and chocolate flavors !!!