Our Ingredients

At Petits Pains, we believe that the fewer the ingredients are used in a product, the more important their quality must be to create exceptional taste and texture. That is why all of our breads and pastries are made with highest quality ingredients available.

Our butter was awarded the highest recognition at “Bocuse d’or”, the most rigorous cooking competition in the world. Its flavor is unlike any other butter on the market, thanks to where its cows are grazing–in this case, France’s Normandy region–and the artisanal way of churning the butter from fermented cream. The all-natural end product defines many of our pastries’ delicious flavor and aroma, from our dough’s rise to the separation and the airy lightness of the layers in our croissants.

Beyond our butter, Petits Pains products are free of margarine, preservatives and artificial flavors/ingredients.

Our Levain

Levain vs Yeast: What a difference tradition can make.

At Petits Pains, we bake our breads and pastries with our own “Liquid Levain”, an ancient recipe and technique we have modernized to bring our products to the next level. Though it can take up to 16 hours for the baked goods to rise, this natural fermentation process provides the soul of our French breads and breakfast pastries, giving them products a fuller, nuttier flavor. This is in contrast to yeast, an alcoholic fermentation process that expedites the rise but limits the flavor!

Liquid Levain also slows down starch alteration and mold formation, extending our breads’ shelf life by 50% so crusts can retain that wonderfully crunchy texture longer. Some experts even believe that bread produced with Liquid Levain is easier on the digestive system!

Why go through all this trouble of using the highest quality ingredients, bringing in butter from France and using an ancient leavening process that takes 12-16 hours? It is for you, our customers, because we believe you will notice, and, most importantly, appreciate the difference.

So, come see, smell and taste the difference. Skill, passion for the best modern, ancestral and artisanal techniques embrace each other to produce the highest quality, most delicious breads
and breakfast pastries.


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