Our Ingredients

A word about Petits Pains ingredients… It is said the fewer the ingredients that are used in a product, the more important the quality of those ingredients must be to create exceptional taste and texture.

At Petits Pains, we believe in this principle. All of our breads and breakfast pastries are made with highest quality ingredients available. As example, the butter which Petits Pains uses was awarded the highest recognition at “Bocuse d’or”, considered the most rigorous cooking competition in the world. Its flavor is said to have no comparison with other butters because of what and where the cows are grazing, in this case Normandy, France and also the artisanal way of processing the cream to butter. It contains 84% fat, is extra dry, all natural, and it is made with fermented cream before churning. You will notice the difference in our products such as the croissant. The croissant dough expresses itself completely with this butter; the dough’s rise, the separation and the airy lightness of the layers, and of course its aroma and flavor help to make one of the best croissant ever experienced.

Further on ingredients… Petits Pains products contain no margarine, preservatives or artificial flavors/ingredients.

Our Levain

A word about our leavening, the rise… Liquid Levain versus yeast. What a difference tradition can make. Petits Pains is proud to prepare our breads and breakfast pastries with “Liquid Levain”, another ancient recipe and technique we have improved and modernized to make a real difference. Petits Pains’ Liquid Levain is a natural fermentation process taking 12-16 hours for breads and pastries to rise. This is in contrast to yeast, an alcoholic fermentation process that speeds the rise and limits the flavor! Levain is the essence, the soul of our breads and breakfast pastries! You will note our products will have a fuller, nutty, almost earthy flavor.

Our breads’ crust retains that wonderful crunchy texture longer, the shelf life is naturally extended by 1 ½ times by both slowing down the starch alteration as well as the appearance of mold, and some experts believe bread produced with Liquid Levain is easier on our human digestion.

Why go to all this trouble using the highest quality ingredients, bringing in butter from France and use a leavening process that is ancient and takes 12-16 hours? It is for you, our customers, because we believe you will notice, and most importantly appreciate the difference.

So, come see, smell and taste the difference. Skill, passion for the best modern, ancestral and artisanal techniques embrace each other to produce the highest quality, most delicious breads
and breakfast pastries.


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